To Write or Not to Write? This is the Question...

Want to discuss my writings or other writings, reading my past stories, short stories, and always interested in others stories and glad to share my opinion and happy to give advice. The official postings of writings will always take place on Tuesday ^^ So keep an eye out!


Doing a Role Play

One really wonderful way to test out, develop, or even make a new character is to do a Role Play (aka RP) It is a really fun thing to do with friends. It just shows you how much your specific character can change according to each situation, and little tweeks to the story or background.
Its really easy to start one with friends.

Get one other friend or a group of friends together, make a character for each of you or use a previous character you had.

Decide on a setting, and probably a good storyline bases. Like say I am going to do one with a friend his/her character is name shigloga and mine is neliwonda, you have to decide on a setting, a beginning scene, the world it is taking place, and kind of a story line ( it really helps things keep going)

Decide on whether to write it in almost a script form or a novel form, depending on what kind of thing you want to practice, writing in general, or writing your character.

That is the basics but if you have more questions you are welcome to leave a comment asking it and I will gladly answer. =D


  1. Bethany, I really appreciated this idea that you shared. Would you like to hear my story and help me role play for it? I am impressed by your continual desire to write and I like that you make weekly blog posts. Keep it up, Sis!

  2. Yeah I would love to hear your story and I would be happy to help you role play =D Thanks CC ^^