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Want to discuss my writings or other writings, reading my past stories, short stories, and always interested in others stories and glad to share my opinion and happy to give advice. The official postings of writings will always take place on Tuesday ^^ So keep an eye out!


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So I haven't posted for a while but I must say it has certainly been an eventful while, the reasons as to why I haven't posted are the following:
1. Because of school I seemingly never had any time
2. Because of Marching Band it took away even more of my never having time
3. Well I got stuck on typing up chapter 2 of Fate because this big section about the elves was missing. (I still haven't finished it by the way)
4. I got distracted for a short time period by submitting my first chapter of The Shadow to this wonderfully awesome, cool sight which you can look at through this link:
5. And the infamous fifth reason is *Looks behind her* Drum roll please *Drums begin to beat incessantly* I AM DEVELOPING A WHOLE NEW WORLD FOR Fate to take place in!
So I have been pretty much obsessing over that in most of my free time that I can find between school and band.  But with a brand new world comes with a lot of work like figuring out the whole history of the world (or an easy goal like history of kingdom/ important characters from  the background of the story. It also gives me a lot of work to do on all of my writing, because Fate previously was a Harry Potter Fan fiction and I have 17 chapters written in such a manner I now must evaluate how much of the writing is salvageable or not. It also opens me up to so much broader horizons of possibilities to go with the story and it has already started developing while I have been working on the history. So I will not guarantee a daily posting or a weekly one at that but I will post and rant as frequently as I can! I Promise!

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